STIHL Gutter Cleaning Set - Petrol & Electric Blowers

STIHL Gutter Cleaning Set for Petrol & Electric Blowers


Turn your blower into a handy gutter clearing device

STIHL Gutter Clearing Set is designed for use with a host of different STIHL Blowers and turns them into a machine that can easily blast clear your gutters of dirt and leaves. See a list of compatible blowers and shredders below.

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STIHL Gutter Clearing Set | Blowers

STIHL Gutter Clearing Set has been designed to offer improved length when it comes to blowing dirt and leaves from the heights of your gutters. Coming in an easy to assemble set of parts, the attachment can stretch up to an approximate 3m in length.

Compatible Blowers & Shredders:

  • BG 56 C-E
  • BG 66 C-E
  • BG 86 C-E
  • BGE 71
  • SH 56 C-E
  • SH 86 C-E
  • SHE 71.

SKU: ST-4241 007 1003

Barcode: 795711383633

MPN: 4241 007 1003

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