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STIHL FW 20 Cart & Attachment Kit

STIHL FW 20 Cart & Attachment Kit

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Great for straight cuts over a larger area.

STIHL FW 20 Cart comes suitable for use with a selection of STIHL Cut-Off Saws and offers a top level of cutting accuracy, including depth cutting to the nearest millimetre. The cart saves on the users arms providing a more comfortable cutting experience. Choose you option based on your machine below.

STIHL FW 20 Cart with Attachment Kit | Cut-Off Saws

STIHL FW Cart has been designed to aid the user in creating accurate and long length cuts, where operating hand-held may cause too much stress on the user's limbs. The cart can allow for cutting depths accurate to the millimetre and comes with a quick-mounting system for easy cut-off saw attachment.

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