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STIHL File Gauge for Chain & Guide Bars with .404" Pitch

STIHL File Gauge for Chain & Guide Bars with .404" Pitch

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Suitable for checking cutting angles, tooth length and depth gauge settings

STIHL File Gauge is designed for a multitude of uses include the cleaning of you guide bar oil inlet hole and grove. It is also suitable for checking side and top cutting angles, tooth length, and depth gauge settings.

STIHL File Gauge | .404" Pitch

STIHL File Gauges are brilliant for checking aspects of your job such as the top and side plate cutting angle, depth gauge setting and tooth length. Not only this but it can also be used to clean the groove and oil inlet hole of the guide bar. This particular gauge is suitable for use with chains and bars of a .404" pitch only. NOTE: Image is for display purposes only and may not come as seen in the image.

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