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STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Tool - 3/8"P 5.2mm

STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Tool - 3/8"P 5.2mm

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For improved sharpening precision on 3/8" pitch chains.

STIHL FG 4 is a compact filing tool, allowing minimal fuss along with quick and easy chain sharpening. Designed for professionals sharpening their chainsaw chains more frequently, the tool is compatible with 3/8" pitch chains only.

STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Tool | 3/8" Pitch 5.2mm

STIHL FG 4 Roller Filing Tool is the perfect kit addition for professionals sharpening their 3/8" pitch saw chains at least once a week. The STIHL roller filing tool increases control and precision when sharpening your saw chain. Exclusive to STIHL this roller filing tool improves sharpening precision and thanks to its compact nature require minimal effort. Instructions are available via YouTube.

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