STIHL Fan Jet Nozzle 80-04 ~ Sprayers

STIHL Fan Jet Nozzle 80-04 for Sprayers


Fan jet nozzle for large area spray distribution

STIHL Fan Jet Nozzle helps users achieve improved coverage and spray distribution, coming with large calibre perfect for achieving this.

STIHL Nozzle Holder is also required for this nozzle set. Shop Here.

SKU: ST-4255 502 1700

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STIHL Fan Jet Nozzle | Sprayers

STIHL Fan Jet Nozzle is made for large area spraying. The nozzle is suitable for the SG 31 to SG 71 but must be used with a nozzle holder when using with the SG 51 and SG 71.

SKU: ST-4255 502 1700

Barcode: 886661133604

Google ID: 29371