STIHL Catcher Plate for loose cuttings

STIHL Catcher Plate for Cutter Blade


Perfect for keeping your work area tidy while minimising cleaning time

STIHL Catcher Plate helps avoid unwanted cuttings getting all over your work space and increasing your length of clean up time once your job is over. The catcher plate is suitable for HSE, HSA and HLA models in 50cm/20" length.

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STIHL Catcher Plate | HSA HSE HLA

STIHL Catcher Plate has been designed to do much as it's name suggests - catch cuttings while cutting. The tool allows for easy removal and makes cleaning up afterwards a piece of cake. The Catcher Plate comes in a 50cm/20" bar length and is tool free. Another perk of the catcher plate is the ability to mount the plate on both sides. If you own an HSA, HSE or HLA model, then this time and work saving add-on is the one for you.

SKU: ST-4859 740 3300

Barcode: 886661023905

MPN: 4859 740 3300

Google ID: 28876