STIHL Brush Knife 305mm "Special" (2 Blades)

STIHL Brush Knife 305mm "Special" (2 Blades)


Double blade replacement brush knife for tough & matted grass

STIHL 305mm Brush Knife has been designed for use with a large selection of STIHL Clearing Saws and works great on tough, matted grass and scrub. The spare brush knife comes in a special steel with 2-blades. Have a look at our description below for a list of models the brush knife is compatible with.

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STIHL 305mm Brush Knife | 2 Blades

STIHL replacement brush knife in 305mm with a double blade design, made from a special steel.The "special" blade is aimed at clearing and thinning thick and tough, matted grass and scrub.This blade is only approved for use with a guard.

Compatible with:

  • FS360
  • FS410
  • FS460
  • FS490
  • FS560

SKU: ST-4000 713 4103

Barcode: 795711315405

Google ID: 28697