STIHL SB 90 Blasting Granulate | Wet Sandblasting Pressure Washers

STIHL SB 90 Blasting Granulate 25kg


Brilliant for sandblasting old paintwork and rust away

STIHL SB 90 Blasting Granulate is for use with machines fitted with the STIHL Sandblasting Kit and offers pain-free removal of rust and old paintwork. The product comes in 25kg, is silicone-free, and perfect for use on masonry and metal.

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STIHL SB 90 Blasting Granulate | Sandblasting

STIHL Blasting Granulate has been developed for users looking to wet sandblast tough surfaces such a masonry and metal. The granules can help to remove rust and old paintwork with minimal fuss. The granulate is suitable for use with all machines capable of attaching the sandblasting set and has been made silicone-free.

SKU: ST-0797 010 2052

Barcode: 795711962722

MPN: 0797 010 2052

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