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STIHL AX 28 T Cleaving Axe

STIHL AX 28 T Cleaving Axe

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Suitable for simple to hard splitting & felling with a wedge

STIHL AX 28 T Cleaving Axe has been made to celebrate the year STIHL was founded and benefits from a top level of craftsmanship. This is seen in through a high-quality hand-forged steel head and a mounatain ash, double waxed handle.

STIHL Cleaving Axe | AX 12 T

STIHL AX 28 T Cleaving Axe has been designed for use splitting more simple cuts of wood to higher end hard cuts and can also be used for felling with a wedge. The clearing axe also comes with leather cutting edge protection and measures 85 cm. Each individual axe has been give a unique production number for a one-of-a-kind design.

The 1926 Edition is aimed at celebrating the year STIHl was founded. Each axe and hatchet in the group of special edition products has been crafted with a top quality hand-forged axe and hatchet head, along with a mountain ash double waxed handle, showing a superior level of craftsmanship.

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