STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness S-XL


Double shoulder harness with leg protector plate

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness comes with an added leg protection plate to further increase protection without limiting any freedom of movement. The harness comes in perfect for forest work, especially when using circular saw blades. See list of compatible STIHL machines below.

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STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness | STIHL Brushcutters & Grass Trimmers

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness has been made for forestry use with items using circular saw blades. The harness isn't just limited to that though, offering further protection via a freely suspended leg protector plate, meaning you can move about with minimal obstruction. See the list of compatible Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters from STIHL. The Harness fits anyone typically size S to XL, and a further XXL Harness is available too.

  • Models: FS 90 up to FS 560 C-EM

SKU: ST-4147 710 9003

Barcode: 795711424541

Google ID: 29103