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STIHL Abrasive Cutting Wheel for Steel - TSA 230

STIHL Abrasive Cutting Wheel for Steel - TSA 230

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Sturdy cutting wheel suitable for use on metal up to 12mm thick

STIHL Abrasive Steel Cutting Wheel comes in 230mm/9 inch diameter and is intended for use with the TSA 230 Cut-Off Saw. The steel grinding disc offers a top level of cutting and grinding performance.  

STIHL Abrasive Cutting Wheel | Steel

STIHL Abrasive Cutting Wheel has been made with the TSA 230 in mind and can cut steel up to a thickness of 12mm in thickness. The blade comes in 230mm/9 inches, proves great for all manner of metal cutting and grinding work, and can be used on the following:

Types of Metal:
  • Construction Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Reinforcement Bars
  • Steel Girders

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