STIHL Concrete Cutter Chain | 36 GBM Diamond 30cm/12" 54D/L

STIHL 36 GBM Diamond Concrete Cutter Chain 30cm 12" 54DL *


12" concrete cutter chain suitable for GS 461 only

The 36 GSM Diamond Concrete Cutter Chain comes with 54 drive links in a length of 12". The chain is suitable for use with the 12" Rollomatic G guide bar and is only compatible with the STIHL GS 461 Concrete Cutter.

* = with Rim Sprocket

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STIHL 36 GBM Diamond Concrete Cutter Chain | 54 Drive Link in 12" Length

STIHL 36 GBM Concrete Cutter Chain has been developed especially for use with the stone and masonry concrete cutter saw GS 461. The chain has been crafted to offer the same high level of cutting performance as the saw and features pre-sharpened diamond segments and low stretch technology. On top of this the chain provides a smooth, quick and low-vibration experience, while being fully compatible with wet cutting. The chain is perfect for use when cutting cutting concrete, hard stone, brick and ductile cast iron pipes.

SKU: ST-3210 050 0054

Barcode: 886661125210

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