STEIN OMEGA-20 Multi-Sling 50cm Spliced Eye

STEIN OMEGA-20 Multi-Sling 50cm Spliced Eye


Multi-Slings are the latest versions of the traditional Dead-Eye

Offering a variety of uses from an Anchor sling, to a Mounting sling, even a Balancing sling. Constructed with a large spliced eye the Multi-Sling can be easily choked on to a product and when tying knots the splice is located behind the knot instead of in front as would be the case with a traditional Dead-Eye.

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OMEGA-16 Multi-Sling - 20mm (3.4") Rope | 50cm Eye (20")

Manufactured from STEIN OMEGA Rigging line which has a 32-plait polyester sheath which offers a high resistant’s to abrasion and combined with a braided high tenacity core provides for a tough but high strength lowering line. The balanced core/cover polyester construction offers performance and durability when needed. OMEGA has a fully torque balanced construction which helps eliminate twist; UV resistant polyester construction for outdoor use and the supple braid aids handling running smoothly through common Rigging Hardware.


  • Diameter (mm) - 20
  • Colour - White (Green Fleck)
  • Length (m) - Various Lengths
  • Eye Size (cm) - 50
  • Min Break Load (kg) - No
  • Splicable Ave Break Load (kg) - 7000
  • Rope Type - OMEGA 32
  • Coated - No
  • Manufacturer - STEIN

SKU: CG-SS-3372008005

Barcode: 5060483284941