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STEIN SKYSHOT PRO 220 8oz Throw Weight

STEIN SKYSHOT PRO 220 8oz Throw Weight

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The STEIN SKYSHOT PRO is the next generation of throw weight design

Manufactured using precision laser cut CORDURA Fabric; this process heat seals all the cut edges preventing the material edges from fraying internally during use. Each weight is sized accordingly and colour coded depending on the individual weight, each weight is manufactured using two colours of CORDURA Material with all seams dual stitched for increased strength. SKYSHOT PRO has an aerodynamic design to help increase your throw distance and punch through the tree canopy. Fitted with a smooth Nickel Plated ‘D’ ring for easy attachment of the throw line. The SKYSHOT PRO comes standard with a webbing loop on the bottom allowing two weights to be connected.


  • Made In the USA
  • Manufactured using CORDURA Fabric
  • Precision Laser Cut Material
  • Dual Stitched Seams
  • ‘X’ Stitch Closure System
  • Internal Ballast Secured in Rubber Bag
  • Nickel Plated ‘D’ ring
  • Integrated Webbing Connection System
  • Individually Sized depending on weight
  • Marked in both grams and ounces

NOTE: Weight may vary by +/- 5%

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