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Stanley FatMax XL Tape Rule 8m / 26ft

Stanley FatMax XL Tape Rule 8m / 26ft

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Stanley FatMax XL Tape Rule 8m / 26ft

The Stanley FatMax Extreme tapes have a huge standout from their 32mm wide blade.The Mylar coating makes the blade 10 times more resistant to abrasion and unique blade armor coating protects the first 15cm, where the tape suffers most wear and tear. With heavy-duty, slip-resistant casing with easy-grip rubber moulding and 3-rivet tru-zero hook gives extra strength and prevents breakage on rewind, also the hook moves in or out to compensate for internal and external measurements.150% larger end hook: securely holds to all building materials, including rounded or odd shaped items. With Class II accuracy 32mm wide blade, providing 4m blade standout and the mylar coated blade provides 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a lacquered blade.Blade armour on the first 6-Inch of the blade protects the blade from breakage at the most susceptible point, while 3 rivet end hook provides a 40% stronger blade.Stanley patented bi-material case for durability and comfort and the high visibility blade with large, easy to read graphics makes measuring a breeze.Size: 8m/26ft.

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