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Stanley FatMax Blade Armor Tape Metric Imperial 5m

Stanley FatMax Blade Armor Tape Metric Imperial 5m

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  • Belt Clip.
  • Blade Armor coating reduces the risk of tape breakage by 90%, prolonging product life.
  • Blade stays rigid up to 3.5m, for easy single-person usage.
  • The case has a flexible elastomer cover for greater user comfort.
  • The compact case design is Ergonomically shaped with a cushioned grip for maximum comfort in the hand and to use.
  • Easy read blade markings (centralised numbers) allow for easy identification of measurement and greater accuracy.
  • Mylar blade coating provides greater durability and wears resistance of blade markings for improved readability over time and prolonged product life.
  • Shock-resistant soft impact resistant case withstands shocks and knocks offering greater blade protection.
  • Specially designed hook grabs on side, top or bottom for versatility.
  • Thermoplastic Blade Armor cover for optimum protection of the tape on the first 14 centimetres - Limits wear and it reduces the risk of breaking the tape by 95%.

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