solo by AL-KO Robolinho 700 E Robotic Lawn Mower

solo by AL-KO Robolinho 700 E Robotic Lawn Mower


Intelligent garden maintenance is part of the present with the Robolinho 700 E

Quiet and emission-free operation of this robotic lawnmower is given by the 60 dB quiet electric motor, which receives its energy from a 2.25 Ah / 20 V strong and durable lithium-ion battery. As a result, the AL-KO robotic lawnmower can also be operated at night. The specially developed motion technology paired with a 22 cm cutting width ensures efficient lawn care for areas of up to 700 m². Obstacles such as trees or gradients of up to 45% are easily mastered. Infinitely adjustable cutting height from 25 mm to 55 mm, allowing you to adjust the length of your lawn to your personal preference. The DCS (Double-Cut-System) developed by AL-KO ensures a perfect cut and the resulting grass clippings are chopped in the mower housing and returned to the lawn as organic fertilizer. Therefore, you do not have to dispose of grass clippings when using the Robolinho 700 E. Maximum safety for people and animals is provided by the reliable safety technology of the robotic lawnmower. Please note: When buying our solo by AL-KO robotic lawnmower, both ground nails and loop wire are not included.


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Features:Return to base at the push of a button - The Home key makes it possible to interrupt mowing at any time. When the key is pressed, the automatic mower returns to its base station.

Invisible Boundary - The boundary cable only needs to be laid around the mowing area once, then it reliably demarcates the working area.

Autonomous Working - The clearly laid-out control panel makes programming of the Robolinho mere child's play. Simply enter the required times when the automatic lawnmower should operate, and leave it to work.

High-Grip Tread - Powerful traction as standard – rubber coated wheels provide powerful traction and a good grip on the ground – on inclines of up to 35%.

In all weather - The built-in rain sensor gives you the choice: mow in the rain or take a break.

Cut to the right size - The cutting height adjustment can be set with just one hand motion – quickly and effortlessly.

Mature Technology - The printed circuit board is the heart of the Robolinho© and the control centre for fully automatic, everyday operation. For example, it detects obstacles, avoids them automatically and always returns to the base station in good time to recharge.

A Clean Solution - The double mulching blade system reduces debris build-up in the deck, provides a perfect cut and saves the trouble of disposing of grass clippings.

Functional Operation - The clearly laid-out and easily operated display means it is easier for you to adjust settings, and provides you with important information about the operating status

Made in - AL-KO has been manufacturing garden tools for over 50 years, all of which combine the latest technology and innovation. The foundation of our success started in 1966 with the production of our first petrol lawnmower in our Austrian factory in Obdach, with over 7 million more units manufactured since.

Technical Specification:

  • SKU Code - 127446
  • EAN - 4003718058185
  • Product Range - solo by AL-KO
  • Battery Type - 2.25 Ah / 20 V
  • For Lawns (in m²) - 700
  • Cutting Width in cm - 22
  • Cutting Height - 25-55 mm
  • Maximum Climbing Ability - 45 %
  • Weight in kg approx - 7.6
  • Battery Runtime / Charging Time - 60/60 min.
  • Sound Level - 60 dB(A)
  • Rain Sensor - Yes
  • Number of entry points - 3
  • Install on second base station - No


Barcode: 4003718060515

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