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Faithfull 25W Soldering Iron

Faithfull 25W Soldering Iron

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Introducing the Faithfull 25W Soldering Iron - lightweight, heat-resistant handles make it perfect for fine soldering on circuit boards and models.

Quickly reaches ideal working temperature for strong, precise soldered joints on metal alloys, brass, and copper. Comes with a metal stand for safe storage.


  • Lightweight with heat-resistant handles
  • They are suitable for soft soldering metal alloys, brass and copper. The working temperature is reached quickly so you get a good soldered joint.
  • Ideal for fine soldering and hobby work on circuit boards, jewellery and models or for repair work on electrical items.
  • Fitted with 13amp plugs and supplied with a metal stand to keep the hot iron safely at rest when not in use.
  • Replaceable nickel-plated copper tips are available.




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