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SIP Fireball Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater

SIP Fireball Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater

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The SIP FIREBALL Turbofan 3001 Electric Fan Heater is designed for efficient heating in small workshops, garages, and offices.

Its portable size allows for easy transportation, while the advanced PTC element ensures quick and effective heating without compromising the external casing. Say goodbye to cold working spaces with this powerful electric fan heater.

Powerful and variable heating capacity for effective coverage:

  • Maximum output of 9,554BTU/hr (2.8kW). With 2 heat settings, output can be easily adjusted using the control dial.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) elements provide immediate and consistent heat levels:

  • The heating conducting composite element delivers fast, powerful and odour-free heat without warming the external casing, for greater user safety.
  • A tilting metal frame also allows the direction of the heat to be adjusted.

Integrated thermostat delivers flexible temperature control:

  • The target temperature can be adjusted using an infinitely variable control dial.
  • Once the target temperature is reached the heater will switch off and the fan will continue to cool the combustion chamber.
  • This helps to reduce energy usage and ensure Energy-related Products (ErP) compliance.
  • The internal safety overheat thermostat prevents damage to the heater.

The compact, lightweight and all-in-one design offers outstanding portability:

  • The integrated heater and control dial are fixed to a sturdy metal frame, whilst a carry handle allows for easy movement between uses.

Powder-coated finish for added durability:

  • This provides additional resistance to the effects of everyday use for longer product life.

Technical Specification:

  • Input Supply: 230v (13A)
  • Max. Heat Output: 9,554BTU/hr (2.8kW)
  • Heat Settings: 3 settings; 9,554BTU/hr (2.8kW) / 4,777BTU/hr (1.4kW) / Fan (25w)
  • Tilt Adjustment: Yes
  • Net Weight: 2.85kg
  • Gross Weight: 3.42kg
  • Product Dimensions: 290(H) x 265(W) x 210mm(D)
  • Packaged Dimensions: 310(H) x 290(W) x 215mm(D)

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