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Salter Precision Electronic Bowl Kitchen Scale Black

Salter Precision Electronic Bowl Kitchen Scale Black

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Simple & lightweight, this electronic kitchen scale features a clear LCD which displays measurements in grams, ounces & kilograms

Capable of weighing ingredients up to 3kg, this unit measures accurately and features an ergonomic, attractive design for easy, everyday use. Including a handy measuring bowl, this scale takes the hassle out of measuring ingredients and makes a great addition to your kitchen.


  • Precision 0.1g, resolution to 999g

  • 1g resolution from 1 – 3 kg

  • 1 litre bowl

  • Add & weigh function

  • Aquatronic function

  • Metric and imperial measurements

  • Max weight 1-3kg: 3kg / 7lb / 3L / 105fl.oz : 1g / 0.1oz / 1ml / 0.1fl.oz

  • Precision 0-999g: 999g / 2.2lb / 999ml / 34fl.oz : 0.1g / 0.1oz / 0.1ml / 0.1fl.oz

  • Dimensions: 17.1 cm x 12 cm x 3cm

Bowl - Comes with a clear, 1 litre bowl to help you measure with ease (also dishwasher-safe!). The bowl is removable, so feel free to use the scale with other cookware.

Precision and resolution - Precise to 0.1g with resolution of 999g, this bowl scale delivers the accuracy and reliability you expect from Salter.

Add & weigh - Equipped with our innovative add & weigh function, simply “zero” the scale to add more ingredients and save on the washing-up.

Aquatronic - Use the aquatronic function to measure liquids in ml or fl.oz without a measuring jug. Measure directly into the bowl or a glass on the platform surface.

Lightweight - Small and light, this scale fits inside the bowl for easy storage.



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