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Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter Kettle 1L

Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter Kettle 1L

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Has a built-in Brita water filter system that reduces limescale & chlorine, & permanently absorbs any copper & lead that could occur in tap water

Over time, these chemicals can sometimes leave a residue or a bad taste in your hot drink. Its built-in Brita water filtration system removes these impurities. To make sure every litre of water you boil remains pure, there is a handy built-in alert to remind you when the cartridge needs to be replaced. The Purity Kettle embodies a timeless simplicity of style, with the high quality transparent casing so you can watch the water as it boils. As the temperature rises, the water is infused with soft blue light which illuminates at its brightest when boiling point is reached. Stainless steel accents give this stunning kettle a premium feel. To keep your worktop clutter-free, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away when it’s not in use. The Russell Hobbs Purity Glass Kettle incorporates BRITA’s advanced MAXTRA+ filtration technology that goes a long way to make a better-tasting hot drink. With its sleek and stylish housing, it will also make a style statement in any kitchen.

Includes Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridge

The BRITA MAXTRA+ Filter reduces the build-up of limescale in the kettle, as well as reducing chlorine and permanently absorbing copper and lead.

Cleaner, clearer, better tasting tea and coffee

The advanced BRITA Filter technology reduces taste impairing substances, allowing the full flavour and aroma of your hot drinks to shine through

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