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Roundup Weedkiller Gel 150ml

Roundup Weedkiller Gel 150ml

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Roundup Gel comes in 150ml & is a unique weeding tool for killing weeds all around the garden & is accurate, controlled & effective

This systemic weedkiller kills the roots so weeds don't come back. The unique gel formulation comes in a precise and controlled dispenser, which ensures 100% of the weedkiller is applied to the weed leaves and stays on the target weed.

Roundup is most effective when weeds are green and growing - and because Roundup only works inside the weed and is inactive in the soil, this leaves the soil free for use and replanting.

  • WHERE TO USE: Ideal for treating weeds in difficult areas all around the garden, such as borders, lawns and vegetable patches
  • CAUTIONS: Contains glyphosate

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