RoseClear Ultra Insecticide & Fungicide Concentrate 200ml

RoseClear Ultra Insecticide & Fungicide Concentrate 200ml


RoseClear Ultra is a systemic insecticide & fungicide ideal for roses & other flowering & ornamental plants

It's 3 in 1 ACTION:

KILLS: Aphids (greenfly and blackfly) within 24 hours.FIGHTS: Existing infections of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust.PROTECTS: Protects plants against further infestations of aphid and disease attack including new growth.

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Further Information:

  • Apply from April to September. Spray at first sign of disease/aphid attack.
  • Repeat at 21-28 day intervals. If disease/aphids are already established, spray at intervals of 14 days. Where roses were infected with blackspot the previous season, spraying should start in spring as buds burst.
  • Roses and other flowering and ornamental plants
  • Makes 10 litres
  • Keep off the skin. Do not breathe spray. Wash hands and exposed skin after use

SKU: SC-18142

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