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Ronseal 5 Litre Decking Protector - Natural

Ronseal 5 Litre Decking Protector - Natural

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Apply this primer & undercoat from the Ronseal Knot Block range to interior, using a brush, to prepare the surface for painting.

It takes 2 hours to dry and will cover up to 12m² per litre on average.

The Ronseal Decking Protector protects your deck against the rain and sun. Rain can lead to rot, and the sun can turn it grey. It waterproofs to keeps your deck looking great and protected from the weather.

Waterproofs to stop splitting and swellingProtects from sun damage to prevent greying

Areas of use: Hardwood and soft wood deckingCoverage: 4.0 m2 covered per litreNumber of coats: 2Application: BrushDrying time: Rainproof in 90 minutes. Leave 24 hours before walking on it

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