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Ridgeline Norwegian Fleece Top

Ridgeline Norwegian Fleece Top

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Lightweight fleece is ideal for layering and keeping the warmth trapped within your outer garment.

Ridgeline Norwegian Fleece Top comes in a 200gsm Southern Star fleece, ¼ zip front and high collar. Easy and light to carry, it enables you to keep this packed in your rucksack just in case, making the Norwegian a handy mid layer for all activities.


The Norwegian is available in Olive, is an ideal mid-layer garment and has been developed to be a lightweight go-to top if the weather turns unexpectedly. The Southern Star fleece traps warm air from your body in its pockets and retains that warmth keeping you comfortable. Suitable for almost all outdoor work including farming, hunting and general outdoor work.


  • Velcro cuffs
  • Two chest pockets
  • Wind-proof and weatherproof
  • SOUTHERN STAR 340 fleece create multiple air cells that trap warmth inside



    Gender: Male


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