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Rainbow Super Softee Tree Ties 22mm - Single

Rainbow Super Softee Tree Ties 22mm - Single

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Manufactured from a super soft PVC which allows more stretch than the traditional plastic tree tie but maintains a good tensile strength.

The moulded grooves on the inside face of the tree tie help with grip to the stake and protects the bark of the tree. Easy to use on installation as no spacer is required due to the tie itself acting as a cushion between the tree and stake. Should last around 8 years.


  • For use when tree planting and staking.
  • This is a more Environmentally Friendly strap, manufactured from a type of rubber.
  • More stretch than plastic tree ties which is of great benefit to young trees in allowing them to develop their own resistance to wind loads.
  • Less maintenance with inspections only required every three years,
  • At least 8 years of external serviceable life.


  • 40cm x 22mm
  • 60cm x 22mm


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