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Protos Integral Maclip Chin Strap EN12492

Protos Integral Maclip Chin Strap EN12492

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The new design of the Maclip Chin Strap features the Protos logo on the straps.

The Maclip Chin Strap includes a magnetic closing system, which can be released even under pressure easily. This chin strap comes as standard on all new working at height Protos Integral helmets.

  • The Protos Maclip chin strap fits the shell of the Protos Integral and is easily attached to the prefabricated loops using the insertion buttons.
  • At the neck area, the strap slips into the keepers on the back of the neck cradle ensuring a smooth fit and preventing the straps from slipping under the hearing protectors.
  • When used daily, it is recommended that the chin strap is replaced every 1–2 years.

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