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Prestige x Disney Bake with Mickey Silicone Spatula Set

Prestige x Disney Bake with Mickey Silicone Spatula Set

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  • BAKE WITH MICKEY - Mix your cakes, biscuits, loafs and muffins with the Prestige, Mickey and Friends inspired Silicone Spatula Set.
  • BRING A HINT OF MAGIC TO YOUR HOME BAKING - As you stir and sprinkle, dollop and drizzle, you’re doing more than just baking, you’re making memories. There’s magic in those sticky hands and that sprinkle of flour. And as the cake rises, we can start to believe…
  • MICKEY LOGO NON STICK SILICONE - Avoid those sticky situations with this red silicone non stick spatula and spoonular set featuring a signature Mickey logo pattern.
  • WOODEN HANDLES - Each item is 29cm in length and features a smooth wooden handle that perfectly compliments the Mickey silicone rolling pin.
  • SPATULA & SPOONULAR - All you need for your baking preparation with a spatula for scraping out bowls and jugs & a spoonula for stirring pots and pans.


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