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Post Acorn Finial 4" 100mm Brown Treated

Post Acorn Finial 4" 100mm Brown Treated

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  • Colour: Brown.
  • Finish: Treated.
  • For 4" Post.
  • Size: 100mm.


Expansion, Contraction, Splits and Cracks: All timber will expand and contract according to its environment.  As a result of this expansion and contraction, it is very common to see splits and cracks developing in the wood – including posts and uprights.

Splits are common during the Spring and Summer months as the wood begins to dry out. The outer surface dries first and contracts, contracting over a still-expanded core of the wood.  The result of this is that splits and cracks appear along the grain of the wood. These splits are not a fault and do not affect the structural integrity of a product. They are simply a part of how timber product responds to their environment and will usually close over time.

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