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Elliotis Pine C+/C WBP CE2+ 2440x1220x12mm

Elliotis Pine C+/C WBP CE2+ 2440x1220x12mm

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Elliotis Pine Softwood Plywood is engineered from 2mm cross-orientated layers bonded by phenolic resin based glues, which is resistant to the elements and heat.

This product’s primary applications stretch from the packaging industry and furniture manufacture to temporary site hoarding. Elliotis Pine Softwood Plywood has a smooth surface, which provides an excellent base for paint finishing and most industrial and domestic coatings.

  • Product: ELLIOTIS PINE C+/C WBP CE2+
  • Board Size: 2440 x 1220mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Type: Softwood Ply
  • Location: Brazil

NOTE: Edge may require sealing to prevent delamination outside (not marine)

SKU: ML-PL2523-12MM

ID: 37633

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