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Playmobil Princess Magic Mermaid Birthday Party

Playmobil Princess Magic Mermaid Birthday Party

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Discover the magical world of the PLAYMOBIL Princess Magic Mermaid Birthday Party!

This set, perfect for kids 4 and up, offers endless fun with a giant seashell stage, balloon holders, and more. Dive into a world of imagination and celebration.


  • Item number: 71446
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Figures: 1 mermaid, 1 little mermaid Animals: 1 small seahorse,1 starfish Accessories: 1 shell box with holder, 2 gift boxes, 3 different ballons, 1 harp, 1 toy fish, 1 leaf belt, 1 crown, 1 coral tree with leaf shelves, 1 cake with candle, 2 cupcakes, 2 decorative shells with suction cup, 8 mini shells

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ID: PP-71446

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