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Playmobil Disney's Mickey's & Minnie's Home in the Clouds

Playmobil Disney's Mickey's & Minnie's Home in the Clouds

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The Playmobil Disney's Mickey's & Minnie's Home in the Clouds set encourages imaginative play and aids cognitive development with its endless combination possibilities and puzzle features like the raindrop staircase.

In addition, the colourful archway and rainbow rattle/seesaw provide toddlers with an engaging playtime experience with beloved Disney characters.

Educational benefits, that support your toddler's development:

  • ● Stimulate creativity: a variety of combinations offer endless play as well as a lot to discover
  • ● Train fine motor skills by moving, placing and sliding figures, flying and driving the dream planes, stacking the rainbow and the rainbow blocks, opening and closing the door with the printed sun, turning the rainbow into a seesaw and much more.
  • ● First puzzle experience by inserting the raindrops into the side of the cloud
  • ● First building and puzzle experience with the rainbow stacking stones: whether building a tower or a rainbow archway, wild or neatly arranged according to the rainbow pattern - everything is possible.
  • ● Stimulate auditory senses with the rainbow's integrated rattle function.
  • ● Understand cause-and-effect relationships: That is what a rainbow looks like! Shake it to activate the rattle feature or turn it around to use it as a seesaw and place figures on each end. The raindrops can be used as a puzzle or as staircaise
  • ● Match colours: Minnie sits in the dream plane that matches her pyjamas, as does Micky.
  • ● First role play with Micky and Minnie: go to bed in the Cloud Home, race the dream planes, or climb the raindrop stairs.

Special product features:

  • ● The dream planes are floatable when placed in water.

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