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Persil Bio Professional Detergent Powder

Persil Bio Professional Detergent Powder

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A strong stain removing detergent featuring efficient biological enzymes for tough stains.

Clean tough stains fast with the enhanced biological power of this powder detergent. This formula features special enzymes that target the compounds and proteins at the heart of most tough stains. Along with the wash boosting technology, you can rest assured that everything from mud to chocolate will not be a problem for your clothes and fabrics any longer. This formula is so efficient that it can be used for quick cycles at low temperatures. You can get brilliant results in any of your fabrics using temperature as low as 15°C. The versatile powder can be used in both colour and white laundry assortments. The additional bleach and brightening agents will not compromise the integrity of your fibres, while still making sure that your whites stay bright and fresh.


  • The low-temperature efficacy makes it a suitable choice for personal laundry applications. The effective powder dissolves and disperses quickly and evenly through your wash, and limits dirt suspension throughout the cycle. It features a bright, pleasant fragrance for an added hint of freshness for your linens and clothes.
  • Biological enzymes provide superior stain removal
  • Wash booster technology accelerates results
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures
  • Versatile solution or use on colours or whites
  • The gentle solution keeps fibres intact
  • Safe for all textiles
  • Performs with any temperature range
  • Fragrance: Fresh
  • Colour: White

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