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Paul Hollywood Rattan Oval Proving Basket

Paul Hollywood Rattan Oval Proving Basket

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Paul Hollywood is famous for his free-baked bread - meaning bread baked the old-fashioned way, without a loaf tin

Mastering it can be tricky. But hey, even the best bakers need great tools to get it right every time. That’s why Paul has given his stamp of approval to this proving basket. The most critical part of baking bread is letting it prove properly, as it develops its delicious flavours and textures. This basket gives your dough the perfect place to prove and helps form it into an attractive oval shape as it rises.

Paul’s 27 x 13 cm (10½" x 5") oval proving basket is made of rattan with a spiral textured interior, which leaves an attractive imprint on the dough for a rustic finish. It’s particularly useful for wet dough, which is too sticky to form by hand - such as ciabatta. Baking and food prep made easy - a range designed, tested and loved by Paul Hollywood.Details:

  • Also known as a banneton, brotform or a pani-pousse
  • 100% food safe
  • Not suitable for baking in the oven
  • 12-month guarantee



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