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Organ-X Desi-Dust Natural Hygene Powder 450g

Organ-X Desi-Dust Natural Hygene Powder 450g

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Desi-DUST the ultimate moisture removal powder its a naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilised remains of diatoms.

When crushed to a fine powder it feels similar to chalk powder to the touch, but when viewed under a microscope the fine particles resemble shards of broken glass. Highly effective when applied to areas where insects harbour, for the natural prevention of insect development.

Desi-Dust can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Safe to use on all poultry, cats, dogs, horses, pets and all farm animals.

For natural prevention of red mites, bed bugs, lice, feather mites, spider mites and all crawling insects.

Always read the label.


  • 100% Natural & organic entrapment powder
  • Prevention of all crawling insect development
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for all animals
  • Size - 450g

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