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Oregon 518771 Knapsack Backpack Pressure Sprayer 20L

Oregon 518771 Knapsack Backpack Pressure Sprayer 20L

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Lightweight & worn as a ‘back pack’, this sprayer is very portable and easy to use and it comes complete with a lance & spray nozzle for easy, accurate spraying.

This Oregon 518771 Knapsack Sprayer 20 Litre from Oregon can be used with a wide range of liquids including pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers and many more and is perfect when used for treating trees and plants.


  • Non-pressurized tank for easy refill.
  • Includes lance and spray nozzle.
  • The flexible hose is over 6 feet long for hard to reach spots.
  • Shoulder strap and spare seal kit included.
  • Lance holder.
  • Compact body for easy storage.

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