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Nishikoi Wheatgerm Fish Food Medium Pellets 2.5kg

Nishikoi Wheatgerm Fish Food Medium Pellets 2.5kg

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A highly digestible, vegetable-based, low protein diet ideal for feeding at low temperatures in spring & autumn

The high wheatgerm content improves digestion at cooler temperatures and when the fishes metabolism is lower keeping ammonia excretion to a minimum. This is vital at periods of reduced filter performance during low temperatures. 19.7% protein for growth, high wheatgerm content Antioxidant action of Vitamin C & E to help the immune system. Vitamin D for strong bone formation and Spirulina - enriched with essential fatty acids - that aids natural colour.


  • Floating for fish feeding at the surface
  • Highly digestible quality fishmeal
  • Complete & Balanced Formulation
  • 2.5kg
  • Medium Pellet


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