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Nilfisk MC 5M-100/770 XT Cold Water Pressure Washer

Nilfisk MC 5M-100/770 XT Cold Water Pressure Washer

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The MC 5 PA-FA mid-range pressure washers are the most versatile partners for demanding customers in agriculture, and industry, construction and automotive.

The MC 5M range succeeds in combining an unmatched level of mobility and ease of use with unbeatable robustness, optimal service and great accessory storage features. The MC 5M pressure washer range is built around a 30 mm steel frame, adding robustness and strength to the machine. It is well equipped for long-term use in even the toughest environments and will be a long-lasting, cost-effective partner for your cleaning tasks.

The MC 5M line is intuitive and easy to use, it offers excellent storage facilities for the pressure washer’s standard spray equipment. The electrical cable can be quickly wound around the storage hooks and the lower cable hook rotates to facilitate swift cable removal. The robust optional hose reel makes storage of the hose simple and also protects the hose from damage. Space is available for the storage of two lances in the lance holders that firmly grip the lances to prevent them from falling out during transport. The handle can be folded down to reduce space requirements when storing or transporting the unit, furthermore, the handle can be placed in a central position, with optimal balance for use with a crane lifting strap.

The optimal service concept is aimed at ensuring that any maintenance tasks can be done quickly to reduce the total cost of ownership. The front pressure washer cabinet can be quickly and easily tipped up and removed to give direct access to the motor pump unit, reducing service time and cost. The pump oil level can be easily seen from the outside of the machine – indicating to the user whether the pump contains enough oil before use.


  • Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
  • Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
  • High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel
  • Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept
  • Ergonomic accessory concept

Technical Specification:

  • Model No - 107146701
  • Weight (kg) - 73
  • Length x width x height (mm) - 890x570x1020
  • Pump Pressure (bar/MPa) - 100/10
  • Cleaning impact (kg/force) - 3.2
  • Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) - 770/640
  • Max. inlet temperature (°C) - 60
  • Power consumption (kW) - 2.9
  • Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A) - 230/1/50/12
  • El cable (m) - 5
  • Suction height dry (m) - 1
  • Nozzle size - .0475
  • Ceramic pistons - 3
  • Pump (RPM) - 1450
  • Recommended avg. hours of use per day - 5
  • Detergent tank - Included
  • Hose reel - Included
  • Robust steel chassis and frame - Included
  • Big wheels and convenient grip - Included
  • Parking brake - Included
  • Adjustable handle - Included
  • Lance and spray gun storage - Included
  • Cable storage - Included
  • Automatic start/spot - Included
  • Ceramic pistons - Included
  • NA5 - 3 ceramic piston pump - Included
  • 2 x detergent injector - Included
  • Water flow regulation - Included

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ID: ZG-MC5M 100/770XT

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