Nature's Grub Red Mite Smoke Bomb 3.5g

Nature's Grub Red Mite Smoke Bomb 3.5g

Natures Grub

These professional-grade smoke bombs are the strongest on the market containing permethrin at 13.25% w/w.

These fast-acting smoke bombs will kill all poultry red mite in the enclosed targeted area without staining, they are low odour and work perfectly as part of a comprehensive treatment of red mite.

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 Further Info:

  • After lighting, it releases permethrin smoke, which fumigates the treatment area, killing all red mites.
  • Once dispersed the smoke leaves no residue so will not taint any surfaces.
  • One 3.5g smoke bomb will treat an area around 2m x 2m x 1.8m.
  • A twin pack of these smoke bombs will treat an area around 4m x 2m x 2m.
  • For larger treatment areas use more smoke bombs, equally placed around the area.


Barcode: 604565295965

Google ID: VM-2-NAT-SMO-01