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Mr Muscle Power Gel 1L

Mr Muscle Power Gel 1L

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Mr Muscle Power Gel unblocker sinks through standing water & blockages to eliminate blockages & their unpleasant odours so you can clean less & do moreFeatures:

  • Clears blocked sinks, plugholes and pipes
  • Sinks through standing water
  • Cleans & freshens pipes
  • Safe for use on all kinds of pipe


  1. Pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plughole. Mr Muscle® Max Gel Unblocker powers through standing water, straight to the blockage.
  2. Allow working for 5 minutes. For tough clogs, leave to work longer.
  3. Flush with hot water from the tap.

To keep sinks and plugholes clean, use Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Gel weekly. To clear slow running drains and deep clean your entire pipe use Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Drain Foamer.

IMPORTANT: Open carefully. Do not squeeze bottle. Avoid splashing. When using the product, keep hands, face and children away from the treated area. Do not use a plunger afterwards as the product may still be present if the plughole did not clear. Do not re-use empty container. Avoid gold-plated fittings. Do not use in sinks with waste disposal units, in toilets or on old, damaged or worn enamel or chrome.

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