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Mr Muscle All-Purpose Cleaner 5L

Mr Muscle All-Purpose Cleaner 5L

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A smart & efficient cleaning liquid to be used for cleaning anywhere & anytime

This concentrated cleaner is a versatile all-purpose option to take care of messes fast and without additional clean-up. The fresh liquid is a smart choice as it works powerfully across all hard surfaces in your home or office. The liquid can be diluted to suit the needs of your cleaning application, as it makes getting rid of grease and grime simply. Simply apply by sponge, cloth or mop and watch deep dirt dissolve effortlessly. The cleaner also freshens as it cleans, leaving behind a pleasing, enjoyable fragrance in the air. Its ideal for laminate, ceramic tiles and plastics. The 5 L jerrycan makes it easy to dilute and mix the solution, which can be used to quickly cover larger surface areas. It is easy to access, transport and store; a smart choice for optimising cleaning efficiency.

  • A versatile choice for deep cleaning fast
  • Easily diluted to custom strength
  • Pleasing fresh fragrance brightens the air
  • Dissolves dirt and grease with ease
  • Jerrycan ideal for storing out of use
  • Fragrance: Fresh
  • Colour: Green
  • Capacity: 5 L


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