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Mitox HTA Essential Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Mitox HTA Essential Hedge Trimmer Attachment

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A long reach 44cm hedge trimmer attachment.

The Mitox HTA Essential hedge trimmer attachment is the smaller of the two hedge trimmer attachments available which can be fitted to a number of split shaft Mitox machines enabling it to be used as a long reach hedge trimmer. The 44cm double-sided cutter blade can be adjusted through 150 degrees enabling you to maintain your hedges of all angles in comfort.

See the list below for a list of Mitox machines which will accept the Mitox HTA Essential Hedge Trimmer Attachment.


  • Aluminium Coupling | The robust aluminium coupling allows the HTA Advanced hedge trimmer attachment to be easily fitted on a number of various split shaft Mitox tools.
  • Articulating Hedge Trimmer Blade | The hedge trimmer attachment features double reciprocating blades with 150o of articulation allowing you to cut your hedge easily and comfortably.


  • MIMT30 Mitox 26MT-SP Multi-Tool
  • MIMT31 Mitox 28MT-a SelectMulti Tool
  • MIBC101 Mitox 26L-SP Brushcutter
  • MIHT50 Mitox 26LH-SP Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
  • MIHT55 Mitox 28LH Select Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
  • MIPP01 Mitox 28PP Select Pole Pruner

Technical Specification:

  • Adjustable Blade Angle - Yes
  • The degree of Blade Adjustment - 150
  • Number of Positions for Adjustment - 12
  • Total Blade Length - 440mm
  • Total Cutting Length - 390mm
  • Tooth Pitch / Spacing - 32 / 19mm
  • Total Length - 142cm
  • Warranty Commercial - 90 Days
  • Warranty Domestic - 1 Year
  • Weight (kg) - 2.2kg
  • Article No. - MIAT12
  • EAN - 5060366212016



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