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Mitox Bump-Feed Mowing Head M10 x 1.25lh MITBC430D.02.01-00

Mitox Bump-Feed Mowing Head M10 x 1.25lh MITBC430D.02.01-00

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Maximise your gardening productivity with the Mitox Bump-Feed Mowing Head.

Designed for select Mitox brushcutters, this premium head boasts a user-friendly bump-feed system, allowing for uninterrupted cutting with a quick tap on the ground. Say goodbye to manual line adjustments and hello to seamless trimming!


  • Bump-Feed Mechanism: Easily extend the cutting line by tapping the head on the ground, saving you time and hassle during operation.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand tough gardening tasks, providing long-lasting use.
  • Left-Hand Thread (M10 x 1.25 LH): Features a metric 10mm diameter and 1.25mm thread pitch with a left-hand thread for secure and proper installation.

Suitable for use with:

  • Mitox 260LX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 260UX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 26L-SP Brushcutter
  • Mitox 26MT-SP Multi tool Strimmer
  • Mitox 26U-a SELECT Brushcutter
  • Mitox 330LX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 330UX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 33U-a Select Brushcutter
  • Mitox 430UX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 430UX-a Premium Brushcutter - 2015
  • Mitox 450UX Premium+ Brushcutter
  • Mitox 530UX Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 530UX-a Premium Brushcutter
  • Mitox 550UX Premium+ Brushcutter

Genuine OEM part
M10 x 1.25lh

Previous Part Numbers:

  • MIBC02.06.06.735 (MIBC020606735)
  • MIC43.0100.0300 (MIC4301000300)
  • TBC430D.02.01-00 (TBC430D020100)

SKU: MI-MITBC430D.02.01-00

MPN: MITBC430D.02.01-00

ID: MI-MITBC430D.02.01-00

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