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Mitox 280BVX Leaf Blower/Vacuum Premium Home-Owner

Mitox 280BVX Leaf Blower/Vacuum Premium Home-Owner

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Home/landowner 3-in-1 leaf blower, shredder & vacuum

Mitox 280BVX Premium Leaf Blower comes suitable for vacuuming and shredding also. Features include a lightweight design, class-leading vibration technology, intuitive functions and controls and cruise control. Finishing touches include an auto return stop switch and an innovative blower tube design.

Mitox Petrol Leaf Blower/Vacuum | 280BVX Premium

Mitox 280BVX Premium Leaf Blower comes designed for both home-owner and land-owner use with a lightweight design and enough power to offer optimum performance. Features also include a specially designed fan and mulching blade with allows for a top level of vacuum as well as blowing. Finishing touches include a 2.0m/s vibration level, cruise control, auto-choke return and the ability to shred.

  • Engine Type - Mitox Premium
  • Displacement - 27.6cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 400ml
  • Power - 0.80kW
  • Weight - 4.7kg (Blower) / 5.8kg (Vacuum)
  • Vibration - 2.0 m/s2
  • Fuel / Oil Mixture - 40:1
  • Collection - 50 Litre Collection Bag Included
  • Blowing Speed - 161mph
  • Warranty - 5 Year Domestic (T&C's apply)



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