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Miracle-Gro Peat Free Lawn Dressing 25L

Miracle-Gro Peat Free Lawn Dressing 25L

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An application of 100% organic Miracle-Gro EverGreen Lawn Dressing (commonly known as ‘top dressing’) will improve the root zone of the lawn grasses, as it reduces compaction and increases aeration.

It encourages increased grass root activity which will improve the lawns ability to withstand hard wear and drought conditions. The organic matter will also help to maintain an acid balance in the soil which will encourage healthy turf growth and grass to thrive.


  • Perfect for lawned areas as lawn dressing – to establish new turf or repair damaged lawns.
  • Peat-free lawn dressing.
  • Fills in hollows and helps to repair bare patches.
  • Blend of lawn soil and Miracle-Gro EverGreen Lawn Food for thicker, greener lawns.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Overall very good

Chanced my arm with this stuff for level and overseed my lawns

First impressions very good, there are a few stones/bits of glass but that is to be expected on anything that isn't screened to 3-5mm

I can't comment on the results of it yet as I only done it yesterday, but I have a very good feeding system so I suspect I can't comment on the nutrients in it anyway.

One bit of advice I would give and I did plan to do this anyway, but poor planning didn't give me the chance, is to open the bags and pour out somewhere dry a couple of days before. Initially it looked like there was a huge amount of rocks/rubble in it. It was actually just clumps of the mixture that has fused together over time in the bag. If I had allowed it to dry out for a day or two I think I'd have had a much easier job!

I would and will be buying again, no doubt about that.

I am very fussy when it comes to top dressing, but I refuse to pay the £50+ delivery charge to alot of agricultural places want to charge!