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Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1.2kg

Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1.2kg

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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food is ideal for all plants indoors & out whether in pots & containers, hanging baskets, beds, borders or the lawn

Contains a unique mix of 10 nutrients carefully balanced to provide plants with essential nutrients required for optimum growth and flowering.  

Miracle-Gro plant food contains:

  • Nitrogen which makes your plants have healthy, lush green leaves.
  • Phosphate which makes sure you get strong roots.
  • Potash which gives you more flowers and makes your plants more resistant to disease and drought.
  • Micro-nutrients - Essential for all-around plant health.

The slow-release action of this granular formula ensures that your plants are not short of balanced nutrients over the 6-month growing season. The special mix of nutrients helps to produce beautiful healthy plants with more blooms. Clean and easy to use, it is suitable for plants both in the soil and in compost. Apply from February through June.

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