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Minky Handy Handle With Large Wash Pad

Minky Handy Handle With Large Wash Pad

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Minky handy handle with large wash pad and a built in scraper.

Can be used in the kitchen or bathroom and with its long handle will stop you having to have direct contact with cleaning fluids. The anti-bacterial and anti-grease wash pad will cut through grease and grime with ease whilst providing a longer lasting performance. The handy handle can be used again and again with the wash pad being removable, just simply choose the type of wash pad you prefer to use(either heavy duty or the non-scratch) and pull through the holder.

NOTE: This is an assorted colour product and may not come blue, as seen in the image.

  • Reusable Handy Handle - with Large Wash Pad
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-grease formulation
  • Assorted colours
  • Built-in scraper
  • Made in the UK

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