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Microplane Gourmet Grater Gift Set

Microplane Gourmet Grater Gift Set

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The Microplane Gourmet grater set is comprised of a grater and zester.

You use the large grater to grate wafer-thin slices of vegetables and potatoes. With the thin zester you grate the skin from citrus fruits, hard cheese, garlic and chocolate. The handle of both the grater and zester feel great in hand. The handle is also a little rougher to make sure it won't slip from your hands during use. The end of the blade of the grater and zester is enhanced with small rubber feet. You place it on your work station to make sure they won't slip during use. The feet also ensure you won't leave behind scratches on your work station.

  • Both the grater and zester come with a plastic cover.
  • You use the cover to store both.
  • The cover ensures you won't cut yourself when you grab something from the drawer that also contains the grater and zester.
  • At the same time, the cover protects the blade of the grater and zester.

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