Maxicrop Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser 1L

Maxicrop Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser 1L


Growing an organic garden will bring many benefits, both to the environment & to your personal health

To help you in your endeavours, Maxicrop's All-Purpose Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser is your ally in making plants, flowers, fruit & vegetable crops grow healthy & strong. Containing Arctic sourced algea known for its stress resistance building properties, Maxicrop's Seaweed Extract will provide balanced nutrition for ALL plants, producing bumper crops of fruits & vegetables. 

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  • An all-purpose natural fertiliser that makes plants, flowers, fruit crops and vegetables, grow healthy and strong
  • Produces bumper crops of fruit and vegetables
  • Approved for organic growing
  • Soil Association Certified Product
  • Size: 1L

SKU: GC-1301243

Barcode: 5013762000534

MPN: 1301243

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