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Mantis Handy Item Kit 35cc XP Tiller

Mantis Handy Item Kit 35cc XP Tiller

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Everything you need to service your Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller

This handy item kit contains everything you’ll require for the simple servicing of your Subaru 35cc petrol engine. This helps prevent engine damage and should ensure the smooth running of the Subaru engine.

For use with the 4-stroke, Subaru powered Mantis XP Tiller Cultivator and includes:

  • 2 x 100ml bottles of 4 stroke engine oil
  • 1 spark plug + spark plug spanner
  • 4 tine retaining clips
  • 1 of each air filter elements (2 in total)
  • a fuel funnel
  • 2 gearbox gaskets
  • a tube of gearbox grease.

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